The Planetarium

Its been a long time since I’ve visited the Planetarium, to be honest I even forgot that it ever existed until one day I came upon the National Museum website. I was checking out the schedule and if its true that entrance is free.

Since my research from last year, the National Museum PLANETARIUM has been close due to renovations. But last, March 2017 it was finally opened to the public with 3 new shows. As an inaugural offering all shows were free until April 30, 2017. (Edit: The National Museum Planetarium has extended its free showing until May 30, 2017 to celebrate Heritage Month. They also have a different set of schedule for the shows, you can click here to see the updates.) As a basis, before the renovations, I believe the entrance fee was 30php, so since I’m posting this pass April just in case be ready for that.

Rizal Park

The Planetarium is located at Padre Burgos St. in Ermita and can be access thru the Rizal Park Entrance.


The first show we watched was Hayabusa Back to Earth, a Japanese space probe designed to gather samples from the Mars asteroid Itokawa. The narrative was very beautiful, you feel like Hayabusa is a person on a mission and he won’t stop at anything without the sample. In my head, I wondered if this is how the inventors of Hayabusa felt during its mission. The show was both informative and entertaining, this is my favorite show out of the 3.

The second show was A Planet for Goldilocks, a story of our quest to find another planet like Earth that has “just right” elements to live in. Just like what Goldilocks was looking for in Goldilocks and the three Bears. It is also very informative but a bit stiff with how you they conveyed the information.

The third show, Journey to a Billion Sun is about the different works of astronomers in studying the distance of stars. Though out of the three I consider this show has a larger topic, because of that I find it as the most complicated and boring (Just my opinion you might love it.) I believe a huge reason for that is, it’s information is compress in a 40 minute video. Though it is also very beautiful show.

Please excuse the blurry photo. 🙂

Here is the Planetarium schedule if you do chose to watch.

The shows are the main attraction for the Planetarium and its sad that the exhibits in my opinion are not kept well. If I could only recommend stuff, one of them would be that they should invest in a constellation exhibit and make it more interactive. There are so much more upgrade that our museums need, but that does not mean that they are not worth visiting.




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  1. Hi there. I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for posts about the Planetarium. Thank you for this informative entry. Loving your blog posts, by the way. 💕


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