Weekend Events

I usually stay at home during the weekends especially now that the weather is too hot.  I made an exception for this week since 2 of the events that was happening has something to do with a few hobbies that I loved so much.


SM Stationery ARTFEST April 21, 2017

I was really excited when I found out about this but unfortunately I was a bit underwhelmed when I got there. I feel like its entirely my fault since I did not fully check the schedule properly. All the artists where scheduled on Saturday and Sunday which should have been commonsense but I was just so excited.

I did also feel like there were no new or on sale items. Though you can participate in a few of their activities like coloring and more, if you purchase 300php worth of the products.

Hello Pink and Mint green pen – 24.75php Cat pen Sunshine Boy- 29.27php Mini sketch book – 59.75php

I did get a few items but it did not reach the amount to participate in their activities, but if I may just say I do love the items I chose to purchase that day.


Instituto Cervantes Dia Del Libro April 22,2017

The next day, the Dia Del Libro which was hosted by Instituto Cervantes was scheduled. It was held in Ayala Triangle, and I got there pretty early.


Dia Del Libro is the celebration of International Book Day. Booths from publishers and bookstores sell a wide array of discounted books, and every purchase one receives a rose as per tradition in Barcelona, Spain. There are also booths about different countries like Venezuela, Turkey and of course Spain. They also have activities like 30 minute Spanish Classes, re-writing of Don Quixote and more that you can actually stay the whole day.


I was surprise with the number of Filipino books that were available. So, I made sure to grab a few books with the little budget that I had.

My first stop was with Anvil Publishing House. I chose not to pick up any Filipino novels since history particularly our country peaked my interest more. I bought Ambeth R. Ocampo’s books which I have always wanted to buy for so long.  Ambeth Ocampo, also had a book signing that afternoon but I couldn’t stay that long so I had to pass up on that opportunity.


A page from “Light” by Rob Cham
2016-2017 Product and Service Catalogue of  Adarna House

I went to Adarna House Next, I love the fact that they had so many children’s books. I bought 2 middle grade books and I loved both of them very much. Good Night Lala is a glimpse of a little girls life during the time the Japanese were occupying the country, while Light is a wordless graphic novel that has won a National Book awards for 2016.

Adarna house even gives a a Catalogue of their service and products. I loved all the books in the middle grade page that I am sure that I will buy them all as soon as I can.


Aside from the books, they had a share of music and arts. By the way, the painting were not real, they were blown up photos of popular painting.


I did get 2 roses for my purchase from 2 different booths, unfortunately they were withered and were powdery. So just before I got home I needed to throw them away, but its all good since I was there for the books.

I realized how fun visiting this sort of event can be (esp. Dia Del Libro) and now I look forward to join in other activities. Next time I hope to bring more people with me to enjoy it with.






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