Trying to Learn


For 2017, I made tons of resolutions. I realized that I have been so complacent with my life that I forgot that there is more to it than just working. I told myself that I want to learn something that I’ve always wanted since I was young, Be it learning to draw 🙂 or learning a new language, I wanted 2017 to be a year that I started to develop not only my physical body but my mind as well.


So, I wanted to share a few things that has helped me fulfill my resolution. Most of it is commonsense but I still felt the need to add them as it had helped me a lot. My hope is that in some way it would help anyone who feels stuck in their life just like I did when the year started.

Learning_onlineInternet – Not to sound patronizing to anyone reading this but, its pretty much commonsense right but many people tend to forget the power of the internet. We have the biggest library of knowledge at our disposal and we don’t fully utilize it. But we also have to remember to be careful as well, since there are a lot of fake or false information out there circulating in the Inter-web. We have to be fully aware, discerning and do a lot of research with regards to any topic we choose to read up in the internet.

YouTube – What I love about YouTube is that its very a good combination of visual and examples/demonstatrations. A good example is when I wanted to learn how to use a soft pastel properly, I’m still not good with it but I’m learning.

Podcast – I think this is the least popular out of all the learning tools that I will be sharing. (well, in the Philippines I mean.) There aren’t a lot of Filipino podcast so I guess that’s the main reason, but we don’t necessarily need a Filipino podcast to hear the many amazing topics about history, language, science and more.

Learning_notebook_and _pencilMetroDeal is not an educational website but a deal site. I added this because there are deals that are centered in learning a new language and english proficiency. If you’re not really interested in the academic type of learning, they also offer art and sports related deals.

TESDA is a Philippine government agency tasked to managed and supervise technical education in the Philippines. They offer courses for free and even has an online program for some of their registered classes.

We should never take learning for granted, yes there are people who were never really good at school but that should never discourage us to continually study. We have everything we need to gather knowledge, we just need to be patient and do our research.



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