I Recommend Stuff: No Stranger


NO STRANGER is a narrative-driven scavenger hunt that uses real-world media. Okay, I copied that from its google play description but I feel like its a good summary for how this game is played. Don’t get me wrong I’m no authority when it comes to gaming but I am basing this recommendation on how much I enjoyed the game.

Now, its been awhile since I played any good game. I’ve been stuck filling in the hours with a lot of OTOME games which don’t get me wrong is also pretty good but it could get redundant at times.

The game begins with you meeting a stranger named Adam through a weird app and he starts out by asking you some unusual questions about a guy wanting to jump off a building. You find yourself continually corresponding with him as he asks you for help locating certain people thru the internet.


The game play in my opinion is quite unique and the puzzles at times are stumping. I had an amazing time playing it that I actually finished it in one day. I would find myself pressing the HURRY ADAM button since I am curious with his next question or what am I suppose to do next.

Some people find the multiple choice responses as limiting and that they couldn’t connect with the character, but those things didn’t really bother me since I genuinely liked it. I feel if you couldn’t connect with the game, the experience of playing it would somehow compensate for it.

If there is something that I didn’t like and this is just me since I was pretty impatient, I find that there were too many ADAM IS AWAY (But at the same time I do think that it adds something to the game.) and some of the reply’s are too slow. I also have to add that there are certain things that are difficult to do especially if you are from a different country (e.g. making phone calls, etc.) and to be honest I had to use a walk through so that I can fully get the whole story.

I really don’t want to spoil anything too much for anyone who wants to play this game but I am going to leave something to anyone who gets stuck in a certain part that could help them. So, I am going to put up a SPOILER WARNING here. I really do hope that you guys try NO STRANGER if you haven’t yet and if you know other games similar to this, please do comment it.

No_stranger_qrcode_rettamPrincess 🙂


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