Fireworks Display: Pyromusical Competition 2017

I remember when I was in college when the first Pyromusical happened in an unfinished SM Mall of Asia. No, I wasn’t able to watched that but my cousin did. She described that night, the fireworks lit up the evening sky as magical, and ever since that day I swore that I will get a chance to watch that spectacle with my own eyes.

Years pass, I would always check out the tickets but I never had the courage to go alone. I would invite friends but they didn’t seem interested or if they were something important would always come up.

My mom told me that I didn’t really needed to pay for any tickets because I can watch it from afar and still get that amazing view. But I wanted the full experience, I wanted to sit by the bay side, eating junkfoods and feel my chest skip every time the fireworks would explode in the sky.


This year I finally got the chance to watch it in its full glory. I bought 2 tickets (I felt like this is more of a gift for me than for my boyfriend. Hehe..) and got the full experience that I wanted.


Here is the lovely view of Manila Bay, it was pretty cloudy so we weren’t able to watch the sunset. Me and my boyfriend came 2 hours earlier than the scheduled start because I got the time mixed up but that did not bothered us since we were able to find a good place to seat. The crowd in the area was compose of family, friends and lots of couples.


At around 8:30pm the show started, that night Germany was scheduled. I was so excited because finally I get to see this event with my own two eyes. I watched with fascination as the sky changes color every time a firework exploded. Though I do feel bad for the people at the barge since it was pretty smoky in their area. The show felt like it happened so fast, it took a 30 minute break before finally resuming.


It was in the second half that I was able to take this amazing photo (Well in my opinion its amazing.). It was a lucky shot and I was so happy, I wasn’t taking tons of photos during the show itself since I wanted to experience the whole thing in person and not looking through a screen. But I wanted something to remember these whole event and I felt like this photo summarizes my experience. It was simple but beautiful.

Once this post is up, they will be half way thru the participants but I still think its worth watching even just once. So, here’s the schedule if you are interested:

March 4, 2017
Canada Hands Fireworks
Canada Garden City Display

March 11, 2017
United Kingdom Pyro 2000 Fireworks
United Kingdom Pyrotex Fireworkx  LTD.

March 18, 2017
Australia Skylighter Fireworx
Philippines Platinum Fireworks Inc.

No need to worry about the tickets since there are booths selling them scattered near the Bay Area of SM Mall of Asia.

There are a couple of people seated beside us who were veteran watchers of the show, they seem to speak highly of the Chinese Fireworks. Maybe next time I’ll get to see that but for now, I am happy and content.



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