How to make Polvoron

My sweet tooth was acting up again and I was scavenging through our pantry looking for something to eat, when I realize I can just make one.


Polvoron is a very easy filipino sweet that can be made from simple ingredients found in anybody’s kitchen. Its quite popular and any reputable local sweets store has their own version of Polvoron. My favorites are the regular ones and those with peanuts.

But do excuse the recipe as I was making my own and the proportions are a bit off. It may be too sweet for some people’s liking but you can adjust the sugar during the cooking.



200 grams All Purpose Flour
1/4 Sugar

Make sure to melt the butter, I remember when my older brother tries making it he would just toss in the the butter and waits for it to melt. Its fine if you do it the same way he does but if your planning to mold the polvoron then melt the butter.

First, we toast the flour in medium heat until brownish in color. Don’t forget to keep tossing so that you don’t burn the flour. I left mine for a few minutes and burnt it but fortunately I was able to remove the unusable part.

Second, when the flour is light brown in color put in the sugar then mix. Adjust the amount of sugar to your preference, I poured all the sugar and mine came out super sweet.

*You can put additional flavor, you can choose to put peanuts, cookies or even coffee. I chose the regular flavor.

Third, once the flour and sugar has combined pour the melted butter and mix well. Stir for a few minutes then remove from fire and let it cool down for 30 minutes so that you can start molding it.


This little oval shape contraption is the polvoron molder. This is the regular shape that most stores sell their polvoron, though there are also flower shapes and more. I just hate cleaning it honestly, as of writing this blog its still soak in soap and water.


When your done molding, let it chill for 30 minutes then its ready to eat. I wanted to coat it with chocolate but as I mentioned it turned out too sweet so I decided to just serve it as is.

It looks like I put another ingredient to make it this color but honestly that’s how over cooked the flour because I left it. The little black spots are some of the burnt  flour that I was not able to remove. It is edible and I ate a couple already, since I made it for myself I think it came out to my liking.



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